Primend’s Business Conference was a Success

Autors: Toomas Mõttus Datums: 08.09.2016

Primend’s Business Conference: Become Successful with BI concentrated on the topic of business intelligence and the benefits it can offer for every company. The interest towards the topic is increasing rapidly as was shown by the conference being, once again, fully booked.

4th Industrial Revolution is Now

Mark Torr, conference’s Keynote speaker, concentrated on how organizations throughout the world must think about the new digital world and evaluate how to get from where they are today to where they need to be in the future. He looked into the changing landscape which is driving the 4th Industrial Revolution and presented ideas how to reposition organizations to compete in an increasingly digital world.

Data is Everywhere

There is a surplus of data in every company, the important question is what to do with it? What, how and why to measure? Those were the questions that we set out to answer. PerCapita talked about performance management, how to measure and give feedback to insure the best performance of each specialist. Primend and Intelex Insight focused on how to get valuable reports and manage budgets without expensive licenses by using IONO business analytics.
Measuring is becoming easier as IoT devices are expanding their grip. As the topic is becoming increasingly popular companies are starting to look for ways to incorporate analytics into their daily business routine. Fortunately, there are solutions that make data gathering and presenting a breeze, like IONO and Power BI.

Customers Expect You to Use Their Data

What really struck a chord with the listeners was an idea that was brought to attention by BCS Itera’s presentation. It is becoming increasingly clear that your company’s customers know that you have certain amounts of data about them and they expect you to use it. Let’s say that you operate a bookstore, your customers want to have personalized offers, they expect you to use their purchase history and other data to make personalized offers. So data landscape has changed from being optional to being expected. That is something every company must take into account.
We at Primend are very excited about the possibilities of BI and are looking forward to our next Business Conference in Spring 2017.

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