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Microsoft Partner of the Year - Fourth Time in a Row

Autors: Toomas Mõttus Datums: 17.07.2017

Primend is Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Estonia fourth time in row.

Thank you, Microsoft, for this honour! But what is that secret ingredient in our service offerings that has enabled that spectacular achievement?

When Primend was established a little more than four years ago, it became plain that all IT solutions will contain a cloud component. Cloud services have superior update schedule, systems can be developed based on statistics collected from millions of user sessions, and user experience can be standardised to achieve superior reliability. And everyone can take those technological advances into use. But what are the principles that have helped us to utilise those advantages better than our competitors?

Knowledge Is Power

When two people each have an apple and they both give their apple to another, they still have one apple each. When you consume the apple, you will have none. But when two people have an idea each and they both give their idea to another, they both will have two ideas. And you may consume those ideas as much as you wish and will still have two ideas (and often even more).
How do you generate ideas? How can you make information available any time anywhere securely? How can you create knowledge from data? What do you need to know? There is no final and definite answer to those questions. Therefore, in Primend, we have been devoting ourselves to finding new ways of collecting data, sorting data into information and presenting it in such a way as to become a knowledge.
Cloud services are the most efficient way for data management and knowledge creation.

Application of New Technologies

Primend has three gold level certifications with Microsoft.
Mobility competence demonstrates our understanding of how modern businesses are built. Modern enterprise is not defined by its physical locations but by how and where its employees operate.


Cloud Productivity competence demonstrates our commitment to supporting Office 365 workflows and Cloud Platform competence demonstrates our commitment to Azure platform. Primend is supporting software development companies on their journey to cloud (Azure IaaS and PaaS platforms) and our own business intelligence and data warehousing solutions are based on Azure PaaS technologies.

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